Paw-Casso: You Won’t Believe the Painting Poodle

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LOUISVILLE, KY – The next up and coming abstract artist`s bark matches his bite. Literally. Meet Polo, the painting poodle.

The six-year-old dog stroked his way to be featured in an auction gallery with some VIPs – very important painters.

And if you think this is an owner`s ploy to make a profit off of her pooch, think again.

“I have no interest in selling it myself; I wanted it to be of benefit,’ owner Ann Sheltz said. Sheltz paints and trains others.

So how easy is to teach a pup to paint?

“After he understood to not chew the paintbrush, then it pretty much went fine, but it was pretty much take and chew,’ Sheltz said.

Well with these strokes, and this color pallet, people can soon refer to Polo as Paw-casso.

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