Bud Talks: Selig Expects Vote Next Week on Successor

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GRAPEVINE, TX — Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig was in town Wednesday for the RBI World Series… and to say ‘so long.’ He’s retiring in January.

“There are a few times I’ve told myself — ‘This is the last time I’ll do this, and this is the last time I’ll do this’ — but I think the emotion will come later.”

Selig says baseball owners will vote on his successor next week in Baltimore. It’s reportedly down to three finalists — MLB CEO Rob Manfred, MLB’s Executive VP for Business Tim Brosnan and Boston Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner.

“I’ll leave that up to the search committee to do that but the only thing I can tell you is the list is accurate,” Selig said.

So, on to what will probably be Selig’s last visit to Dallas. What’s his take on the Rangers sitting in last place?

“I don’t think anybody saw the Rangers… this coming… in their case given their great farm system, given the things that I look at. I don’t have any concerns about this franchise at all.”

You gotta admit this year sucks with almost everybody on the roster sitting out the season.

“Baseball is a metaphor for life. So, you’re gonna have your ups and your downs. And that was really a downer . No question about it!”

Yep, no question about that.

Meanwhile, check out the only World Series we’re gonna see around here. The RBI starts Thursday.

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