Bamboo Curtain: China Bans Apple Gadget Government Purchases

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BEIJING, CHINA – Beijing is putting a stop to Apple vendors in China by biting into Apple’s core business with the Chinese government.

Beijing apparently deleted iPads and MacBooks from the list of products government officials can buy with public money as retaliation over US allegations of cyber spying by the Chinese military.

Now, China is ‘dragon’ its feet when it comes to free speech in the twenty-first century.

The government has dropped a bamboo curtain around instant messaging services, particularly those used by journalists and scholars.

South Korea’s Kakao talk and LINE are the latest targets of Beijing`s internet police.

They started muzzling in May with a one-month crackdown on WeChat to stop the spread of rumors and information about terrorism or violence.

Chinese authorities have good reason to worry. They blame Islamic radicals for recent attacks that killed dozens of people.

They say terrorists are using the two South Korean mobile messaging services to share information. That has South Korean officials scratching their heads, because the two services are private and messages are supposed to be seen only by subscribers.

But as Eddie ‘The Snowman’ Snowden has shown, nothing is private in cyberspace.

Not even your privates.

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