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Stowaway Getaway: Woman Sneaks Past Security, Boards Plane

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SAN JOSE, CA – We know airfares are high, but you have to be high to try what cops say one woman did.

62-year-old Marilyn Hartman of San Francisco is charged with being a stowaway on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose headed to LAX.

Now, we’re not saying she hid in the wheel like that 15-year old who recently wanted to get to Hawaii. In this case, Hartman allegedly snuck on the plane and grabbed seat.

We know what you’re thinking – how could someone pass security without a ticket?

“She was able to sort of tailgate around a family at San Jose security screening,” Representative Eric Swalwell said. Swalwell is member of the Homeland Security Committee. “She was never given a green light to go through security or to get on the plane.”

It sounds like someone is going to get in trouble.

And it looks like trouble could be Hartman’s middle name. She reportedly tried to pull off the same stunt several times at San Francisco’s Airport.

It seems security needs to worry less about folks slipping off their shoes, and more about what’s slipping through the cracks.

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