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Mono-Fail: Dallas Zoo Monorail Rescue

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zoo monorail rescue DALLAS — A day at the zoo means adventure time! But for about 50 Dallas Zoo visitors, “lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!”…  had nothing to do with that!

One of the zoo’s monorails came to a complete halt Wednesday morning after a power surge caused the train to lose electricity.

“After those 20 minutes, we realized we aren’t gonna be able to get it back in,” said Dallas Zoo spokesperson, Laurie Holloway. “We gotta do the diagnostics. We called DFR, you know it’s 100 degrees. We’re gonna take extra care with our guests.”

That’s right. It was a job for Dallas’ finest fire crew, and they brought in their handy-dandy ladders to help folks get back on the ground.

“We deployed any where from 7 to 10 extension ladders about 12 to 15 feet about ground and then helped each and everyone of those individuals down to safety,” said Jason Evans, public information officer for the Dallas Fire Department.dallas zoo kid rescue

So, what was it like to be stuck in the air over a zoo full of animals?

“We just sat there for an hour in the heat but they were really nice to us the lady talked to us told us everything that was going on.”

“Next thing you know shes like we’re gonna have to evacuate you. The fire department came and took my baby and we were on the ground”

Guess this is one time that a bird’s eye view was totally overrated.

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