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Mobile Chemo: Tween Cancer Survivor Invents Chemo Backpack

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NAUGATUCK, CT — Now this isn’t your ordinary elementary school science project. In fact, it might be a new therapeutic trend.

11-year-old Kylie Simonds of Connecticut came up with the ultimate on-the-go tool.

“I used to have to use the IV poles, and I always tripped over all the wires. And it was hard to walk around, and I always had to have someone push it for me, because I was kinda weak when I was in chemo,” Kylie said.

So she decided to create a backpack that gives kids mobility while receiving IV treatments.

Three years ago, Kylie was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

“I lost my hair and always used to get sick easily”, said Kylie.

But now that her health is on the rebound, she has kept her eye on one prize. This kid who overcame chemo earned a U.S. provisional patent for a cool and comfy pack.

Kylie used her own experiences and kept her buddies in mind when she created her kid-friendly gadget.

“My friend Marik, he has a prosthetic leg, he has crutches, and he always has to have someone push it for him, but if he had something like that he could just slip it on.”

So what`s next on her agenda?

She has set up a gofundme page to raise money to get her backpack manufactured.

It looks as if BIG things are in store for this kid creator!

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