Jerry Jonesing? Racy Pictures Surface

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DALLAS — Jerry Jones woke up Tuesday morning in the middle of a scandal!

No, not whether Tony’s back is really back or if just paroled Josh Brent will rejoin the team. Nope, he’s dealing with a whole different kind of exposure.

Photos that are allegedly Cowboys owner Jerry Jones have been leaked on sports gossip blog

No, not Terrell Owens.

Let’s just say the guy in the pictures has been caught in a compromising position, and we’re not talking about a three-point stance.

The photos show what might or might not be the Cowboys owner using a hands on approach and posing with two young girls.

We’re not gonna show the pics cause we don’t know if they’re real or photo shopped. You can google at your own risk, but every site from Deadspin to the Huffington Post is all over this. is reporting the photos were leaked in an extortion plot by a man named Frank Hoover. No, not J. Edgar Hoover.

Can this story get any weirder?!

Any hoot, Hoover supposedly asked for Jones’ friendship in exchange for keeping the photos out of the spotlight.

We asked the Cowboys camp to comment but didn’t get a call back.

Hey, only one person really knows what’s going on in Jerry’s World. Say it ain’t so, Jerry!


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