Never-Sold: MJ’s Neverland Ranch for Sale

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Have $60 million burning a hole in your pocket? Boy, do we have the property for you! Er… take that back. No boys here.

Come inside the Neverland Ranch, a stunning 2,680 acre property.

Previous owner?  The deceased but beloved ‘King of Pop,’ he was kinda into sequins and one glove.

Enter through the property’s pearly gates, where Peter Pan will greet you. Extravagant craftsmanship, chandeliers hanging from every ceiling, and the security surrounding this place will tell unwanted guests to beat it. (Get it?)

Oh, and did we mention the amusement park on the grounds? Complete with decked out ferris wheel and carousel? Now that’s a real thriller! (Catch that one, too?)

Upkeep’s a little steep — in the neighborhood of $5 million a year, but moonwalking where Michael probably moonwalked in his underwear? Priceless.  Or uchhh.

Say say say (I KNOW) you’re ready to make a deal?!? Keep your pants on. Right now, it’s just rumored that a real estate investment firm is about to put the ranch up for sale.

But don’t say ‘never’ here.  Someone is gonna buy this place.

Buyer beware. You know the saying ‘If these walls could talk…’

Scrub that. We’re glad they can’t.

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