Gluten Guidelines: FDA Enforces New Labeling Regulations

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WASHINGTON, DC — This just in: Gluten- free is now, gluten free! Wait, what?

Yeah, if you’ve been misled by labels, worry not. The FDA now requires all food producers to step up their gluten-free game by having fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten in their foods.   Translation: that’s basically zero gluten.

“People that need to be gluten free can’t have any at all, even a crumb in the toaster can be as bad as a loaf of bread. So it’s essential for them to know what’s in their food,” said Anne Hoyt of Unrefined Bakery in Lakewood.

But this isn’t your latest food craze, this is serious business for millions of folks suffering from allergies and Celiac disease.

Chowing down on this protein could cause some serious tummy aches and even lead to messing up your small intestine. Umm, you might need that!

The new regulations only apply to pre-packaged foods sold in supermarkets and food stores. You’ll have to take your chances if you’re eating out. The rules don’t apply to restaurants that claim to be selling gluten free goodies!

“If there’s just simply a label that reads gluten free they no longer have to read through a long list of ingredients, so it’ll be super helpful,” said Hoyt.

This is one time you might be able to trust the fine print.

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