Space City South: SpaceX Launchpad Coming to Texas

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BROWNSVILLE, TX – Aliens of the illegal kind in South Texas have been making plenty of news this year.

And now, aliens of the space kind may be on their way.

Not really, but we got your attention so we could tell you that it looks like everything is ‘go’ for launching SpaceX  in Brownsville.

Gov. Perry says the state is putting up $15.3 million to bring SpaceX to Texas. For its part, SpaceX will build the world`s only orbital launch pad exclusively for commercial flights, which will be a booster for the Brownsville economy by creating 300 jobs and fueling $85 million of capital investment.

SpaceX has already proven its ability to get the job done by being the only private company to send a payload to the international space station and to come back to earth safely.

The people of Brownsville have been pushing for the project big time, like with a Facebook page, and with community and school events designed to convince SpaceX to make Brownsville the new gateway to the cosmos.

Uncle Sam still has to give his okay, or else scrub a mission that will benefit a city where more than a third of the population lives in poverty, but looks to the stars for their destiny.