Operation Crackdown: Dangerous Dallas Homes Demolished

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DALLAS – The City of Dallas is no stranger to Operation Crackdown.

That’s what they call the yearly take down of homes and buildings that are a threat to the community. Whether it’s due to drugs, prostitution, or just a down right eyesore – these dilapidated dumps are coming down.

This year was a little different. The city asked citizens for help in deciding what needed to go. After all, they get around 200 cases a year like this.

One of the winners – 2511 Lawrence Street.

“It became a nuisance to this neighborhood, so they contacted the police, or code, in order to get some assistance,” Vernon Hale, Chief Deputy of Dallas Police, said.

Not all homes get the ax.

“Out of town residents who own properties and didn’t know there were problems going on, they clean them up, they do what we ask them to do and there are no issues,” Hale said. “Then we have those, like this, that get torn down.”

And it doesn’t look like anyone is disputing this decision to demolish.

“It’s been an eyesore for 1,000 years,” a neighbor said. “It’s full of asbestos. Thank God they’re tearing it down.”

Well, once the dust settles and the rubble is cleared, it looks like these neighbors can look forward to Operation New Beginning.