McDonald’s Murder: Hunt On For Parking Lot Killer

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IRVING, TX — A late night burger run ends with hungry drive-thru drivers getting a front row seat to a murder.

It happened just after one o’clock Monday morning at the McDonald’s on E. Airport Freeway near Carl Road in Irving.

Witnesses say 26-year-old Christopher Guadjardo was arguing with a man and a woman in the parking lot. That’s when someone pulled out a gun and started shooting.

mcdonalds getaway car

Irving PD: Killer drove off in maroon or red Kia Sportage

By the time help arrived, Guadjardo was dead.

The smoking gun in this case could be the getaway vehicle. Surveillance pictures show the suspects were driving a maroon or red mid 2000’s Kia Sportage.

But the suspect descriptions are vague. They’re described as a black man, about six feet tall…  and a short black woman wearing a black strapless jumpsuit. Both may be in their late 20s.

If you know anything about this McDonald’s murder, call Irving PD at (972)273-1010. You can also emails tips to