LEGO Ladies: 7-Year-Old’s Letter Inspires Female Scientist Set

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GRAPEVINE, TX — Isn’t it sweet when little kids write letters to their parents, teacher… and multi-million dollar companies??

7-year-old Charlotte Benjamin reportedly wrote a stern letter to LEGO big wigs saying that all the girl Legos do is “sit at home, go to the beach, shop, and have no jobs.”

She went on to say that the boy Legos go on adventures, save people and swim with sharks!

“The mom of that little girl is doing a very good job,” said Araminta Romero.

But that’s not all.  She demanded the company to make more girls who go on adventures, too. LEGO listened! Now introducing women scientists, surgeons, and astronauts.

Legoland ladies at the Grapevine Mills Mall love it.

“I do have a little boy and I want him to grow up respecting women.  Girls are not supposed to wait at home to be rescued by Prince Charming.  You can be an astronaut. You can be a firefighter. You can be anything you want,” Romero said.

LEGO isn’t the only company changing the face of their product.  Folks have been pushing Apple to include more racially diverse emojis and executives responded.

But for now, little LEGO lovers are liking the new addition

“I like the girl Legos with the little people,” 6-year-old Zoey Payne said.

Hey, can’t wait to see who this little girl writes to next! NASA perhaps?