False Claim? Alleged Burglar of World’s Biggest Claims Items Are Fake

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Theresa Roemer of The Woodlands, Texas showed off her closet’s bling-bling on national television. A few weeks later, her closet was burglarized — and now the alleged burglar is coming forward claiming the stolen goods are all fake. FAKE!

THE WOODLANDS — It was like watching an episode of MTV cribs when Houston socialite Theresa Roemer featured her three story closet on national television.

Friday night those sweet digs of hers were turned into a crime scene.

Roemer is trying to piece together what she calls ‘a clever crime.’

“This guy was a professional. He used a glass cutter,” said Roemer.

While Roemer and her husband went out for dinner, the thief was apparently able to cut out glass in their downstairs restroom before nabbing three uber-expensive Birkin Bags and tons of jewelry. A haul she says is worth $1 million dollars.

One of her security cameras recorded the theft in action. This dude was dressed head to toe in a jumpsuit, hoodie, mask, and gloves.

Roemer says local cops believe the intruder definitely did homework to learn the ins and outs of the closet.

“The police said it could have been somebody that, like I said, saw all the publicity, Google Earthed it, figured it all out, flew in here, who knows?” said Roemer.

The largest closet in the U.S. is now filled with lots of empty space.

“No one deserves this. I don’t care if you’re wealthy. I don’t care if you’re poor. Your personal belongings are your personal belongings,” said Roemer.

A sense of security that she believes is … priceless.