Back From Ebola: North TX Doctor Discusses African Outbreak, Water Crisis

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The Ebola saga continues for Fort Worth Doctor Kent Brantly.

Dr. Brantly made it back to the good old USA Saturday when he was flown into Atlanta from Liberia to be treated with an experimental serum. Not too far behind him is another missionary, Nancy Writebol, who also is infected with the Ebola virus.

“The government mandated that no public gatherings take place. It was almost like a ghost town,” said Dr. Todd Phillips, Executive Director of the Last Well organization.

Dr. Todd Phillips knows a thing or two about the dangers of working in Liberia.

He just got back from that part of the globe. His non-profit group, The Last Well, has been in Liberia for six years to help bring in clean water.

“And go border to border — north, south, east west — leave no stone unturned until every man, woman and child have access to clean water,” said Dr. Phillips.

While the Ebola outbreak is devastating, Dr. Phillips says the amount of people dying from waterborne viruses may just blow you out the water.

“The Ebola outbreak has cost the lives of 700 people in five months. Waterborne illness has killed the same number of people in the last seven days in Liberia alone.”

Dr. Phillips is not letting the grim statistics get in the way of his next trip. He plans on going back within the next six months.