Animal Attraction: Texas Tech Big Game Hunting Kendall Jones is Back

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HOUSTON, TX– Remember Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones? You know, the big game teen trophy hunter who made headlines last month over her controversial Facebook photos? Like the one with her and a dead lion?

Yeah, so many people hated on those photos that over 300,000 people petitioned Facebook to take down her page. In the end, Zuck heeded her haters and took some of Jones’ photos down… but not all.

Well, now the 19 year-old is back in the headlines, but this time she’s not holding a dead cast member from The Lion King– she’s holding babies!

In her first public appearance since all the Facebook hoopla, Jones tried to show her softer side at a hunting expo in Houston, tamping down that “killer” reputation of hers. The cheerleader signed autographs for adoring fans, though we’re guessing no one from PETA was in the crowd.

“It’s been good and bad for her,” Cody Jones, her father, said. “She’s had a lot of negative, she’s had death threats, a lot of negative publicity, but with that she’s gained a ton of supporters, as you can see here at this show.”

Now, she’s cashing in on that support, with a reality TV show she’s hoping roll out next year.

Looks like there is a silver lining to having Facebook haters: it’s called fame.

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