Gator Bait: Alligators Spotted in Lewisville Lake

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LEWISVILLE LAKE – A beautiful, unseasonably cool August weekend, and there was hardly a soul to be seen on Lewisville Lake.

Maybe there was something better on TV… maybe it’s just too cool for Texas… or maybe, it’s because of the alligators.

Yeah, there have been reports of gator sightings in Lewisville Lake. It’s been a few days since the Texas game warden warned people about gators.  The advice: keep your distance.   The gators spotted here are said to be 5 to 6 feet long… not the type you’d want to run into.

Still, some we talked to seemed unfazed.

“If we see it we can just get out of the lake and go to a safer place.” said Rico who was waist deep in the lake, fishing.

But seriously, let’s reminisce for a second. It was just two years ago that folks were spotting gators around here. In fact, they’re indigenous to these waters, so it’s no surprise to see these notorious amphibians lurking around.

“Oh yeah I see a lot of them” said Jose, a veteran boater in the area, “I see a lot of big ones… five, six foot long… it’s no danger.”

So yeah, there’s probably no reason to be scared to go back in the water, but just to be safe, next time you’re having a barbecue or rocking out at Party Cove you might just want to look twice before you plunge into lake.

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