Urning Questions: Family Looking for Mother’s Missing Ashes

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FORT WORTH — When Aundrea Jones passed away back in February, her family was devastated

“Our mother was a strong woman of courage, a nurturer, a fun-loving woman,” her daughter Felicia Braxton said.

When this fun-loving mother passed away, her family took her to Johnson Funeral Home to have her cremated. When the Jones family got the ashes back, something didn’t seem right.

“They took the proper steps to call the crematory to match the numbers on the serial. Low and behold, this unfortunate news that it was not the ashes of their love one,” said Jones family attorney Bobbie Edmonds.

They knew that they had the wrong remains, and when the news broke about the Johnson Family Mortuary being under fire for mishandling up to eight bodies, they had only one thought.

“That one of those bodies could be my mother,” said Braxton.

The Jones family is still looking to return the ashes they currently have back to where they belong.

“I would tell them I’m sorry and how my heart, my family’s heart goes out to them because they have been deceived,” Braxton said

We spoke with the crematory that handled Jones’s remains, and they blame Johnson Family Mortuary for the mix-up.

All the Jones family wants now is to let their mom and this problem rest in peace.