Unlocking Your Cell: It’s Now Legal

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WASHINGTON, DC – Unlocking your cell; something that’s oh so popular, yet oh so frowned upon.

Until now.

You heard right, cell phone unlocking isn’t illegal anymore.

You can thank President Obama for that. Well, him and the 114,000+ folks who signed a petition saying ‘enough is enough.’

Obama signed the ‘Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act’ bill on Friday.

So what does all this mean – besides hell freezing over? Say you’re sick and tired of the carrier you’re currently with, and you want to seek service with a competitor? Well, now you can keep your phone – yep the same phone.

Pretty sweet deal, right?

“I think it could be great thing,” Jordan Brackett said. “It gives people options.”

And this doesn’t exclude tablet either, since they’re basically one in the same.

Way to go Mr. Prez. Now if you could only pass a bill that would lower the cost of our phone bill.