Premature Playoff Push: Cowboys Send Out Playoff Tickets

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DALLAS — Looks like the Cowboys are at it again. Their high hopes to go all the way have just made the internet… LOL.

Yep, da boys sent out playoff tickets to their regular season ticket holders, including tickets to the NFC Championship game.

Uhhh… they haven’t played in the arena since 2009.

According to, the premature playoff push is the first of its kind in the NFL.

cowboys tweet

But let’s face it, the odds don’t look so good with Romo coming back from spinal surgery and the worst defense in football, at least last year.

Well, in the off-chance the Cowboys see a playoff game, fan will be prepared!

“It’s kind of like a bachelor party.. you want to do the pre-celebration, so it’s a pre-game is what I’d say because the Cowboys know… this is our year.. its been too long,” another Cowboys fan said.

After the collective laughs die down, it might be a smart business move on Jerry’s part.

Hey, it’s okay to laugh. We already did… HAHA!