McSued: McDonald’s May Owe $27M in Teen Deaths

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COLLEGE STATION, TX – It was a fast-food stop gone wrong.

When 18-year-old Denton Ward and 19-year-old Lauren Crisp arrived with friends at the University McDonald’s in College Station, a fraternity afterparty was in full swing.

Before they knew it, up to 20 party-goers were taking swings at Denton, leaving him bleeding and badly injured.

His friends raced him to the hospital, running a red light. Denton and his girlfriend Lauren were both killed in the crash.

The families of both teens sued McDonald’s back in 2012, arguing they ‘failed to provide security’ despite a ‘history of dangerous criminal activity at the location.’

“There’s a horrible history of problems at this particular restaurant that were disregarded by the corporate offices,” Chris Hamilton, the lawyer for both families, said.

It looks like a jury agreed. McDonald’s may be forking over a whooping $27 million as a result.

“I think that this particular verdict tells companies that the safety of customers stands ahead of their profits,” Hamilton said.

Chances are McDonald’s will appeal the $27 million verdict, but it’s pretty hard to put a price on a life.