Love Under the Big Top: Performers Who Fell in Love

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The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus just rolled into town. Steeped with history and excitement, lots of folks fall in love with the circus but a select few have found love under The Big Top.

A ringmaster fell hard for a dancer… while a music director hit the right note with a clown.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in the center ring — it’s the circus couples.

Johnathan Lee Iverson has been the Ringling Bros. ringmaster for over 15 years. He’s the soundtrack. He’s the spokesman, and he presents that mystique of authority even though he may not really have it.

Priscilla Iverson joined the circus in a Brazilian Dance Group.

“I came with eight girls and I was the Dance Captain and translator for the group,” Priscilla said.

The future couple met when the Brazilian Dance Group was late for a rehearsal.

“They weren’t a little late, they were very late and she was panicked,” Johnathan said.

“And then suddenly from this white car was this beautiful man the ringmaster of the show,” Priscilla gushed as she described the first time she laid eyes on her future husband.

The two hit it off and started their own family at the circus.

Kelly Argot was clowning around when her true love, Wages Argot trumpeted his intentions.

“Kelly came on and within two weeks I realized she was something special,” Wage said. “I wanted to get to know her.”

For Wages meeting his future love was no laughing matter.  He was a man with a plan. First he needed to find help in Clown Alley.

“I started making some strategic clown friendships there,” Wages said.

He even planned a BBQ to help the two meet. It was a success and they became a couple.

“It’s kind of weird to date on the Road. Because it’s like he’s living a 100 feet away from me,” Kelly said.

Wages eventually did pop the question.

All four of these love struck performers are currently in California for their leg of the tour. They’ve managed to stay together under the Big Top and on The Road.

For them, maybe this is the Greatest Show on Earth.