Unlucky Strikes: Lightning Sparks House Fires Across North Texas

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NORTH TEXAS – When it rains, it pours . And when lightning strikes, things get heated – literally. A home in Richardson was engulfed in flames following an overnight storm, and it seems lightning is to blame.


“I was laying there asleep, and I heard the lightning strike in the bathroom next to by bedroom,” Lauren Hansen said. “About a minute later, smoke just started filling the house.”

Hours later, the damage of the home is assessed.

“[It’s] a very unpleasant way to wake up,” Teddy Hollis said. “And you never expect these things.”

Now this man isn’t the only one struck by the situation.

Several other homes in the area were hit and caught fire – two in Plano, one in Frisco and one in Lewisville.

In Little Elm, one woman barely missed the strike.

“We came out and we saw smoke,” Katie Dickerson said. “Our neighbor came over this morning and said that lightning had hit her house and that the whole upstairs had burned.”

One the all these unlikely strikes had in common – everyone made it out safely.

However, it still kind of makes you say, “Holy Smokes!”

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