Spanish Gold: Family Finds 400-Year-Old Hidden Treasure

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Aye, maties! Are ye ready for some pirate booty?

The Schmitt family of Florida has spent years searching the ocean floor for lost treasure. And then, the other day old Neptune gave up some booty.

It was the missing piece from a mystery artifact found in 1989.

For nearly 25 years, archaeologists thought they had a picture frame from the late 1600s, but now they think it`s a pyx, a vessel used by a priest or high-ranking Catholic Church official to carry communion.

Pyx comes from the Greek word ‘pyxis’, meaning a box or receptacle.

The Scmidtt family hopes to be screaming and doing some yo-ho-hoing as they continue to ply the Florida coast in search of more Spanish treasure, fame, and fortune.

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