Satisfaction Not Guaranteed: Most DPD Cops Don’t Like Their Jobs

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DALLAS —  The Dallas Police Association asked 1,000 Dallas cops if they liked their job. Survey says NO… by 54%.

The DPA isn’t happy with DPD. The DPA conducted a confidential survey among its members and the boys in blue are feeling a little blue about their jobs.

“The biggest thing is that officers aren’t allowed to do what they believe the citizens expect them to do, and that’s catch the bad guys”

What? They don’t think they can catch the bad guys?

The survey also showed that 87% of officers didn’t have the support of their command staff.

DPA President Ron Pinkston wants Chief David Brown to have a pow-wow to discuss dwindling morale.

“We hope to work with the chief of police and hopefully they’ll work with us… and make some changes so we can turn this around.”

Well, looks like Chief Brown is ready to put the ‘U’ and ‘I’ in unite, stating that he is “willing to do whatever he can to contribute to improving the morale of officers.”

Well played Chief. Looks like this is one time employee feedback could save our lives.

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