Police Beat: Watch Fired Denton Jailer Manhandle Suspect

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DENTON — We all can get a little frustrated with our jobs. Annoying co-workers or a boss that drives you nuts, but most of us don’t vent out like one Denton city jailer did almost two weeks ago.

Darius Porter is accused of using an improper takedown to subdue a suspect, who was being booked for public intoxication on July 19.

As part of its internal investigation, Denton police released video of the incident. It shows Porter sweeping Jason Bishop’s legs and slamming him to the ground.

The forced face plant broke Bishop’s nose and required stitches.

Friends of the homeless artist have turned to Facebook and Twitter to bring attention to the incident and to raise money for Bishop’s medical bills.

Denton police definitely got the message.

Through social media, the department announced the findings of its investigation into the jailhouse confrontation. It resulted in Porter being fired and cleared other jail staff and the arresting officer of any wrongdoing.

Maybe, Porter should take some anger management classes before tackling his next job.

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