Deadly & Bizarre: Naked Man Caught in Deadly Home Invasion

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FORT WORTH – A deadly and bizarre ending to a Fort Worth home invasion has left cops and neighbors baffled.

Residents on Cortez Drive received an early Sunday morning wakeup call and took no chances.

One neighbor explained their reaction, “There were approximately ten police cars and a crime scene van in front of my house so I walked back inside and locked my door and went OH MY GOODNESS.”

Turns out, a violent burglary had taken place at her neighbors’ home.

When Fort Worth PD entered the home, they found two victims badly beaten.

82-year-old Don Keaton was seriously hurt with blunt force injuries. He was immediately transported to the hospital.

It was too late for 56-year-old James Bowling. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I knew something bad had happened but not in my wildest dreams I would think it would be something that bad.”

Cops located 29-year-old Miguel Hernandez in a parked car nearby. He was taken to the hospital with severe injuries and neighbors have reason to believe the occupants of the home put up a fight.

Neighbor Kyle Conley said he knew bowling to be a fearful guy. “He would defend his property, this was his home and he had every right to feel safe in it.”

But here’s where this crime story turns strange:

When cops found Hernandez he was completely naked.

Homicide detectives are still trying to make sense of all this … and so are neighbors.

“We’re heartbroken over it, sorry our society has come to this” a neighbor said.

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