Epic Beatdown: MMA-Trained Clerk Fights Off Robbers

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HOUSTON, TX – When planning a robbery, it’s probably best not to do it where a trained fighter is lurking.

Case in point, a group of idiots in Houston.  As they were robbing a gas station worker – who was returning from the bank with a bag of money – they were hit with a not-so-pleasant surprise.

Out of nowhere, the clerk’s co-worker inside the station came to help his buddy. And by help we mean beating the robbers to a pulp.

“Well [it’s] just a reaction,” Mayura Dissanayaka said. “You see someone getting beat up, you just go out. The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. Then I punched the other guy.”

Well, it just so happens that Dissanayaka is trained in mixed martial arts.

“We learn how to punch, how to kick and all that stuff you can use in the streets,” Dissanayaka said.

You don’t say?

There were three guys involved in the crime, and two of them got away. As for the guy who was expecting the robbery to be a quick hit, he pretty much got that.

Be careful what you wish for buddy.

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