Dr. Oh No: Prayers for FW Doctor With Ebola

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FORT WORTH — Ebola is one nasty virus. According to the World Heath Organization it ends up killing about 90% of people who are infected.

33-year-old Doctor Kent Brantley of Fort Worth knows the odds are not in his favor. He has tested positive for the virus.

“If there was one word to describe him it would be selfless,” said Kent Smith who attends church with Brantley.

The selfless doc and his family moved to Liberia about a year ago, working with an evangelical non-profit that helps folks in crisis. T

he crisis that the group, Samaritan’s Purse, is working on right now is the Ebola outbreak that has claimed 672 lives so far on the north west coast of Africa.

Now Doctor Brantley is the patient.

Members at the Brantley’s church, Southside Church of Christ, are doing the only thing they can do in a time like this.

“We prayed a lot yesterday, more than normal, and there have been prayer circles or prayer chains that have been organized,” said Smith.

Up the road at Fort Worth’s John Peter Hospital, where Dr. Brantley did is residency, folks who worked with him say he was exactly what a doctor should be.

“The basis of healthcare is good people taking the advantage of their knowledge and putting it into a better life and a better well being for an individual, and that’s what Kent did,” said JPS hospital CEO Robert Earley.

Dr. Brantley’s wife and three kids traveled to Texas last week to visit family in Abilene. It is unlikely they were exposed to the virus.

With his failing health we can only hope the doctor who tried to save so many can be saved himself.

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