Local College Students Stranded in Israel

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WAXAHACHIE — As the deadly conflict in the Mideast rages on, some local university students found themselves directly impacted by the war.

Six students, and one professor, from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie were in Israel on an archeological trip. But their educational expedition ended up unearthing more than they expected. They were caught in the middle of the Middle East crisis.

“I was never really fearful because I knew that we were in safe hands with the people that we were with over there,” student Kristen Flake said.

“We had access to all kinds of safety shelters and information on what was going on, so we felt safe the whole time.”

Their trip was unexpectedly extended when flights out of the country were suddenly cancelled. The FAA temporarily halted flights over Israel last week.

“It`s been a little stressful just trying to work out airline problems just because our original airline was not flying out,” Jon Utley explained. “So, we had to call them and work out how to get out of the country as soon as possible. I`m just ready to go lay down and sleep.”

The group finally made it home safely Saturday night and were met with a warm welcome.

They return with a life changing experience, after playing witness to the realities of war and international turmoil.