Dallas Gets In The Groove For National Dance Day

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Dallas– It seems as if every day is a special day in America. We have National Ice Cream Day and there’s even a National Alien Abduction Day. Yeah, who knew?

But here’s a holiday that will get your feet moving, and maybe other body parts too!

It’s National Dance Day and it’s in full swing across the U.S. Some folks celebrated by busting a move in the Big D.

Dance and fitness instructors brought it at the 2nd Annual National Dance Day Festival at Southwest Center Mall.

This year’s theme was “Dance For Your Life.” The goal was to get folks into the grove and combat health issues caused by obesity.

“In our community we need to celebrate dance, we need to be active and we can do it right here in our own back yard,” DFW Performance Elite Founder Kiana Cooks said.

Free hip- hop, salsa, and Zumba classes were available to folks willing to take on the choreography challenge.

The event also included special performances by dance groups from across the area.

“We just want to celebrate what makes life great, which is dance,” Cooks said.

A good time and a great cause is a holiday worth twerking for!