Teen Dies in Go-Kart Accident

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Fourteen years isn’t a long time. On Sunday Kierstin Eaddy, an honor student at the Shelton School, was killed in a freak Go-Karting accident at Texas Motor Speedway.

In her free time Kierstin volunteered at SpiritHorse, a therapeutic center for disabled children. That’s where she met Grayson, a six year old with Joubert Syndrome.

“She was working on a silver award for the girl scouts.” recounts Grayson’s dad, Michael Goldenbaum, “After earning her award she opted to keep coming back because there was a relationship that had developed there.”

Michael says that the relationship was a special one, showing a scrapbook that Kierstin made for Grayson.

“She had already earned her award at this point and she was just making a memento to share with us,” says Michael, “Such a great gift from her in addition to giving her time.”

Alexandria Murnan volunteered with Kierstin at SpiritHorse and says, “She “always wanted to give back and serve others… she impacted my life tremendously and my heart is broken by this tragic accident.”

Michael agrees, Kierstin was a giving and special teen.
“For a 14 year old young woman… to basically give up her time to do that when she was under no obligation to do so it just speaks volumes to the kind of person Kierstin was.” he says.

Fourteen years isn’t a long time, but it was long enough for Kierstin Eaddy to make a big difference.

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