SoupMobile Feeds Dallas Homeless

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Soup Man Feeds Dallas Homeless

DALLAS — You may have heard of the Soup Man… no, not the Soup Nazi.

“We`re not the Soup Nazi, we like to think we`re a little bit nicer than the Soup Nazi,” says David Timothy, the Soup Man. “We welcome everybody thats in our feeding line.”

Timothy has been feeding the homeless of Dallas in his soup mobile for eleven years now. 5,000 bowls the first year, last year 200,000!

“I was never homeless myself but I grew up in a household where food was scarce,” he says. “So that always gave me a great deal of compassion for the homeless who struggle to find food every day.”

Now The SoupMobile is building a church for the homeless in south Dallas.

“This will be the home church for the homeless. It will be their church where homeless men and women will not only be a part of the actual makeup of the church and the running of the church. If we attend, we will be their guests,” he says.

Every day the SoupMobile rolls in to the tune of the Rocky theme song,… hungry folks stand in line for a hot meal.

“For everybody on the planet, we know that Rocky is the greatest movie of all time,” he says. “It`s our way of lettingĀ  everybody know that we`re here and it’s time to eat.”

“It means everything to me, it means everything to all of us,” says Kiki Cooper, who is currently homeless. “At least you don`t have to worry about where you’re gonna eat. I think all of us would starve.”

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