Sheriffs Consider Selling E-Cigs to Inmates

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Seems like almost everything is digital these days: restaurant menus, books, even cigarettes have gotten an electronic makeover.

And, in the Lone Star state, sheriffs are thinking about capitalizing on the e-cig trend — for inmates.

Right now, just a few jails in the state even allow e-cigs, but Brandon Wood, the Executive Director of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards says that might change.

That’s right, sheriffs are apparently blowing smoke on a popular email about selling cigs. It’s mostly jails in rural counties that are considering the move to e-cigs.  According to The Texas Tribune, Precision Vapor has already started selling to the Titus County Jail in north Texas.

Folks running the jail buy then for $3 a pop and sell about 80-a-week to the inmates for $6 each.  Wow!  Talk about a lock-up mark-up.

Is it just us, or are these cigs going to be a lot harder to trade?

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