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Millennials Saying ‘I Don’t’ to Marriage

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Millennials Saying ‘I Don’t’ to Marriage

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Gone are the days where the majority of 20 to 30 somthings are married with children. Now in days, folks are saying “I don’t” to “I do” all the way to age 40.

According to a study from the Urban Institute, millennials are pumping the proverbial nuptial brakes.

Why? Well, you probably guessed it – money.

Folks at the institute say: “The economic shock of the recession put marriage on hold for many young adults.” Most just want to be financially stable before jumping the broom.

However, that doesn’t always mean raising a family is being put on hold – they’re just not putting a ring on it.

Regardless, if the trend continues, 30% of millennial women will still be single by the time they turn 40.

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