Border Crisis Sparks Immigration Protests on Both Sides of Issue

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Fort Worth — Two sides, two opposing opinions –one divisive debate.

“This is absolutely unacceptable,” one protestor said of the immigration issues affection the Texas border. “It is a waste of taxpayer dollars, not only the Dallas County area, but also federally.”

“We are very blessed in this country, and we need to share that blessing every chance we get,” another protestor countered.

On Saturday, passionate protestors once again gathered across North Texas to voice their views on the border crisis. Dallas County is bracing for the arrival of about two-thousand migrant children. On Friday, a federal assessment team was in Grand Prairie, inspecting one of the potential shelters – Lamar Alternative Education Center.

The team arrived on the heels of a heated, standing-room-only meeting in Grand Prairie that addressed the immigration issue and its impact on the city.

“Infiltrating them into our cities is not the right answer,” one attendee said.

“They are children, and they are asking for our help,” another said.

A political and polarizing problem that’s creating another border between a nation.

“We are working with our border group, we are working with the chair of the appropriations committee trying to find some way to deal with what is a humanitarian crisis at our border,” Republican House Speaker Rep. John Boehner said.