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Should Vanity Plates be Political Messages?

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DALLAS, TX – It looks like Texas has a lot on its plate.

Have you noticed vanity license plates are big money in Texas? You can make one that’s all you. Or, you can make a statement: you can tell someone you want to save the Texas ocelots, or save a kid from child abuse.

There are over 300 of these available, and now thanks to a federal appeals court, it looks like you will soon be able to be a road rebel as well.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans want it, but the Texas DMV rejected it. That’s why this battle has hit the courtroom for the last few years.

This symbol is offensive to a lot of people. But all of this got me thinking– who thought it was a good idea for plates to get so political? There’s always gonna be someone, somewhere that will have an issue.

Go to the DMV website, there’s that ‘Choose Life’ plate which could offend the pro-choice crowd.

How about the ‘come and take it’ plate? It’s history from the Texas revolution, but it’s also a battle cry today for people against gun control.

I wonder how an atheist feels about this plate that shows “one state under god.”

Someone once asked me if this ‘insure Texas kids’ plate had anything to do with Obamacare?

It just seems , this license plate thing is getting out of hand. You want to send a message while driving, put on a bumper sticker. License plates should not contribute to road rage. Besides, we have enough anger issues to deal with when we see someone driving around with one of these plates supporting the Cowboys, Rangers, Astros, or Texans because, lately, their play has been offensive.

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