Rainy Dallas Zoo Dollar Day

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The forecast didn’t put a damper on Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo. Thousands still braved the rain to get into the zoo for a buck.

“It’s a little slow start this morning compared to years past.” said Sean Greene, Dallas Zoo VP of Guest Experiences. “That’s weather driven right now, but that probably means we’re going to have a very big afternoon.”

Well, the water fowl didn’t mind the rainy day and most guests didn’t let it faze them either.

“We are troopers! Rain, sleet or snow, we are going to be out here” said one man with a group of kids in tow.

A silver lining to all those clouds was the lower temperatures, making what would’ve normal been a sweltering July field trip into a downright pleasant day… in between downpours that is.

The zoo holds Dollar Day twice a year in July and Novembers and it’s brought in as many as 34,000 guests in a single day. For most it’s just too good a deal to pass up.

“Dollar Day has a lot of value and its another great way for us to give back to the community” said Greene, “That’s something that means a lot to us to have the zoo affordable for everybody to come out to several times a year.”

The guests agreed. Alice Kennedy brought her two teenagers along to relive some classic childhood moments, and at a great bargain.

“It`s really great because normally it would be 45 dollars for the three of us, and it was 3 dollars.” said Kennedy

Definitely a deal worth buying an umbrella for.