Open Carry Tarrant County Celebrates Victory

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ARLINGTON- Well, the Open Carry Tarrant County guys are at it again, this time to celebrate a victory!

“We proved to the City Council of Arlington that their city ordinance was unconstitutional and the federal judge has agreed with us,” said Kory Watkins, a member of Open Carry Tarrant County.

Bullets and guns weren’t the only things in hand at Thursday’s demonstration in Arlington. These guys were also packing some, leaflets?

Yep, that’s right!

After they were shot down by the City of Arlington and prohibited from passing out their flyers by a hastily passed ordinance, these guys sued the city.

And Federal Judge Reed O’Connor sided with Open Carry, saying the fact that their tactics may cause some people to be “uncomfortable” is not reason enough to limit “free speech rights.”

He issued a temporary restraining order to stop Arlington from enforcing their ordinance until the case goes to trial.

“It shows people that the second amendment isn’t the only amendment that gets infringed upon,” said Chris Miller.

So what does Arlington City Council have to say about the ruling? Well, nothing at this point, they don’t reconvene until August 5th.

Which means folks all over the Metroplex can expect rifle carrying peeps to roll up on them at stop lights and busy intersections.

Hey, would you roll down your window?