Mary Kay Brings Sea of Pink to Dallas

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DALLAS – If you see a little more pink downtown, don’t be alarmed.

The Mary Kay Convention is in town.

“We have 30,000 of our closest friends coming to Dallas over the next two and a half weeks and this is a celebration that we call a seminar,” Jill Wedding, Mary Kay’s Director of Marketing in the United States.

These product packing ladies are at the Dallas Convention Center to talk all things pretty.

“We bring 32 million dollars of economic impact to the Dallas area,” Wedding said.

Of course you can forget about their grand prize – the iconic pink Cadillac.

“It was a feeling like no other,” Jenna Larson said.

Larson is an Independent Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay. “I cried. My favorite thing about being in my pink Cadillac is all the smiles it brings to people’s faces.”

This is about more than crèmes and compacts.

“You can`t tell by my looks; I was a mechanic for almost 23 years in the Army, and I loved every minute of serving my country,” said Senior Sales Director, Denise Bullard. “When I decided to retire from the Army, I became a Mary Kay sales director, and today here I am – celebrating my two year anniversary as a sales director. “

You might want to get used to seeing shadows and shades of pink, because these ladies will be taking over Dallas for a while.

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