Al Qaeda Magazine Suggests US Open Attack

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2013 US Open - Day 15NEW YORK – Ah, remember when the family would read the newspaper together and share the news of the world at the end of the day?

Or maybe you enjoy a good read before turning out the light for the night.

Terrorists are people, too, ya know. But sometimes it’s not easy to get the latest low-down on what your buddies are up to.

That’s why Al-Qaeda puts out an online magazine to Inspire terrorists and those who wanna be. This latest issue has New York City cops a bit worried.

That`s because it has a section on how to make car bombs out of propane tanks, and follows up with a section on specific US cities and targets.

Next month`s US Open is one event the terror editors specifically mentioned.

Chicago has the Willis Tower and the Chicago Board of Trade.

Even LA makes the list of potential sites because of Hollywood.

The magazine also lists the White House, just in case some terrorist forgot.

But the back page proves this is no joke, telling its readers to choose wisely because the right man in the right place devastates the enemy, which is us.