Texas Actress Gets 18 Years for Ricin Letters

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TEXARKANA, TX– Her acting days on the big screen are over, at least for the next 18 years.

The Texas actress who struck a plea deal for sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama, then trying to frame her husband for it, will spend the next 18 years in federal prison.

shannon richardson

Shannon Guess Richardson, whose career included a minor role on The Walking Dead, apologized in court Wednesday for sending letters to the President, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the leader of Mayors Against Illegal Guns back in May of 2013.

But there was no apology to her ex, who she insists was involved.

Prosecutors say she tried to implicate Nathaniel Richardson because he had just filed for divorce.

Hey, love hurts.

Richardson is also ordered to pay nearly $377,000 in restitution.