UPDATE: Woman Guilty of Starving Stepson to Death

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UPDATE:  More justice for Johnathan. Jurors have found Elizabeth Ramsey guilty of starving her stepson to death in 2011.

The sentencing phase begins Wednesday at 9 a.m. Ramsey faces up to life in prison for the death of Johnathan Ramsey.

elizabeth ramsey

Elizabeth Ramsey cries in court

Her husband, Aaron, received a life sentence last year.

Prosecutors say little Johnathan was locked in his room, starved to death, then dumped in a creek bed in Ellis County.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Paul Johnson told Jurors Elizabeth Ramsey couldn’t call 911 and save her son because her husband dominated her.

Prosecutors argued both parents were monsters. The jury agreed.


ORIGINAL STORY –  It was déjà vu on Wednesday for Elizabeth Ramsey.

The Ennis woman is back in the courtroom. However, this time, she’s the one on trial for the death of her stepson.

Back in 2012, the phrase ‘starving to death’ hit close to home for 10-year old Johnathan Ramsey – literally.

Prosecutors say he was locked in his bedroom to starve, surviving on bread and water. He reportedly even resorted to eating his own feces.

Johnathan’s body was dumped in a rural part of Ellis County. It wasn’t until months later that Dallas Police found his remains.

Jonathan’s dad, Aaron Ramsey, was sentenced to life in prison back in 2013. Now his stepmom is on trial for doing the unthinkable.

Whatever happens, it’s another chance for justice for Johnathan.