‘Prime Time’ Plays Prime Prep Closure Blame Game

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Mr. Prime Time himself could be facing yet another dilemma. Noooo, not with ex-wife, Pilar! She’s yesterday’s news.

This trouble is with Prime Prep Academy. His charter school could be closing its doors.

The Texas Education Agency issued a letter of intent to revoke the charter to the school and stated Prime Prep needs to repay $45,000.

Apparently, the charter school has a history of receiving funds for subsidized lunches but did not provide documentation that the meals were ever served.

Geesh, then how did the kids eat lunch?

Well, that’s something Deion didn’t quite answer during his Twitter rant. Instead, he played the blame game tweeting, “My former co-founder D.L. Wallace was a crook and heartless and we are still suffering from his devilish ways.”

So far, no word from Wallace.

Now Sanders is sending a series of tweets saying he will “appeal immediately” and is offering to pay the state $45,000 out of his own pocket in order to save his school.

Alright, Deion! Now that’s a Prime Time move right there!