Plano Tops ‘Best of’ Lists

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Plano – Welcome to Title Town, USA! No, we’re not talking about Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Packers. You need to look about 1,000 miles south to find the real champs.

It looks like the city of Plano is getting a reputation as one of the best cities in America. All you have to do is look at all the titles it has won recently. and other websites routinely rank Plano at the top for safest and healthiest cities and best places for children and families.

“When Plano makes one of these lists, we love it because it gives us an opportunity to tell our story and show what we really are all about,” says Steve Stoler, Media Relations Director for the City of Plano.

There is a downside to kicking back in a perfect situation. Living the sweet life can be pretty boring. But, that’s not always the case. There’s more to Plano than just manicured lawns and peaceful neighbors. It was also voted as one of the sexiest cities in America. Huh?

It goes to show even plain, old suburbia can have its fun side too.