New FW Councilwoman Sworn In

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ann zadeh

Ann Zadeh, FW District 9

FORTH WORTH– It’s official. Ann Zadeh is Fort Worth’s new councilwoman for District 9.

She was sworn in at Tuesday night’s council meeting after winning a special election in June to replace former councilman Joel Burns.

In his heartfelt farewell email, Burns gave his full support to Zadeh.

He also thanked everyone who supported him on his journey. It’s a journey that went viral.

Burns is best known for breaking down over bullying. It happened at a city council meeting back in 2010, as he flashed pictures of LGBT teen bullying targets.

joel burns

Former councilman Joel Burns

“I have never told this story to anyone before tonight… not my family.”

Burns came out publicly at that meeting and admitted he considered suicide when he was a teen because he was bullied for being “different”.

Over the past four years, Burns has been on an anti-bullying mission and was asked to join the It Gets Better campaign.

Now he’s off to Harvard to take on the problems of the world today at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

No matter where his new journey takes him, Burns will likely be remembered as the guy who helped LGBT kids believe everything does get better.