Despite Tight Restrictions, Plano Residents Get Watering Reprieve

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Plano is gushing at the seams with water. How is that possible? Believe it or not, water savvy residents there are getting a rare reward for exceeding conservation expectations.

“We’re basically giving citizens an extra watering day; Thursday for the people at even addresses and next Tuesday for people at odd addresses,” Public Works Director Gerald Cosgrove explains.

But, the scheduled watering holiday couldn’t have worse timing. A weird, weather front is predicted on Thursday. The National Weather Service says flash flooding is possible with some parts of North Texas getting anywhere from one to two inches of rain.

Officials say residents will only get one shot at the watering reprieve, rain or shine. Plano claims it really doesn’t have a choice in the matter. They say a surplus of water is starting to become stagnant and the water needs to be cycled out of the system. They have decided to allow folks to go crazy with their sprinklers rather than waste the water.

“The forecast calls for a lot of rain,” says Cosgrove. “But, if they can use the water to their benefit, I would rather do that than have to dump the water on the ground.”

Plano, you better soak up this opportunity because Stage 3 restrictions, though temporarily lifted, will go back into effect.