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Visit to Dying Grandmother Saved

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DENTON, TX– A domestic violence victim claims a judge threatened to toss her in jail, all because she planned to visit her dying grandmother.

Andra Dajicu was set to testify in court on June 30 when prosecutors moved the court date to July 14.

The problem? Dajicu had already bought a non-refundable $3,000 plane ticket to Romania to see her grandmother.

“My parents work and they can’t take a month and a half from work,” Dajicu said. “So I was going to take care of her for a month and a half.”

Dajicu says Judge Jim Crouch not only threatened to arrest her if she didn’t show up, but reportedly called her a flight risk.

Now remember, she’s the victim.

One thing’s for sure, a court appearance will make her at risk for seeing her grandmother, for what could be the last time.

Thankfully, the law was on her side. Although the trial will continue, Dajicu now does not have to be present in court.

Talk about a close call.

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