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Kerry May Help Mediate Middle East Cease-Fire

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GAZA–The U.S. may be getting involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a big way.

Secretary of State John Kerry is getting ready for a possible trip to try to arrange a cease fire.

“We are seeking a de-escalation in that violence,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday.

This fight has been going on for generations, but the most recent round of violence started a couple of weeks ago, when 3 Jewish teenagers were found dead in the West Bank.

Then a Palestinian teen was kidnapped and killed in Jerusalem.

If that happens in the U.S., you call the cops and hope there are arrests. In Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, it rips the band-aid off old wounds and more people die.

There`ve been riots, firing rockets into Israel and Israel firing back into northern Gaza.

Hamas is even launching drones and Israel is shooting them down

The result: nearly 200 people killed in gaza and nearly 1,300 hurt.

Hamas missiles haven’t killed anyone in Israeli, where a defense system, the “Iron Dome” has interecepted many of them.

In Dallas Sunday, Palestinian protesters called the Israeli action “genocide.”

Israel calls it “defense.”

John Kerry is going to call on calmer heads to prevail.

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