Oncor Removes, Relocates Bald Eagle Nest

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Bald Eagles Relocated From Dangerous Power Line

SEAGOVILLE — Bird is the word for Oncor crews. Their mission to relocate a nest belonging to a family of bald eagles, was completed.

Over the weekend, the crew managed to kill two birds with one stone: rescue and relocate a nest perched on a precarious power transmission line.

“We’ve been amazed, must cost them so much money to do this. But, we think it’s worth it,” resident Marsha Tuggle said. She believes she’s the first to spot the winged family.

Hopefully, the beaked bunch will appreciate their move. Oncor said the feathered family has been away from their nest for 16-days, and they aren’t expected to return until fall.

“These birds nest for life, so they’re always going to come back to the same nest and same field,” Kris Spears with Oncor said.

Wonder if they’ll notice their new digs — considering their new nest won’t be in their bird’s eye view. The new location is miles away from the old one. Hopefully Oncor didn’t ruffle any feathers.

If so, we could have a case of angry birds on the loose. Maybe their eagles’ eyes will only see Oncor’s good deed, and find their way home.